Sunday, May 24, 2009

Arctic Sniper + SAKO TRG 42

The SAKO TRG is one of the finest sniper rifles built in recent times. This piece was created with the same profile style as the previous post, but because I'm not too keen on working the internals so it took a lot less time. SAKO provides a very detailed pdf manual online and it provided great information to work with. The touqe looks unfinished and I guess it is, but it'll do for now and I gotta turn my attention to other stuff.

Without Camo

With Camo

Friday, May 15, 2009

Title Bar Artwork

The artwork on the title bar was actually specifically created for promo purposes. If y'all think it sucks then I'm in trouble. What's already up now is just part of the complete artwork.

The snubby M4 carbine the fella is peering thru will in fact be a cutaway drawing showing the internals of the rifle. Here's an idea how it'll look like:

This was a rather fun piece due to the research I had to do. I'm rather satisfied with it and its now being tossed up onto my business card, hopefully future promos will make further use of it.

More Dogs!

Fawn Colored Great Dane
Work in progress of the Grey Wolf - Canis Lupus Lupus
Frakkin furry frak.....

Monday, May 4, 2009


Almost 8 months since the last post. After months of neglect, here's something at last.

Profile views of a Dobermann....
....and a Belgian Shepherd Malinois

More to come...


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