Monday, April 2, 2012

Future Combat Powered Armour Concepts

Some concept sketches of Powered Armour for combat applications. If anyone is interested in powered suits available today, google Lockheed Martin's 'HULC', Raytheon/Sarcos 'XOS' and Cyberdyne's "HAL" Untitled Untitled Untitled

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Swear Its Not An April Fools From Me!!

So I don't always draw ladies now but I did use to draw a lot of girls back in the day.

No one believes me.....really....

I actually draw girls too

Some Oldies For April Fools

Dug out some older stuff from my school days. This one is a scene of castle sieging in Medieval times. If I recall correctly, I made a bet with my prof with regards to getting dead people into one of my artwork before I graduate. I think I did okay :D

Castle Siege Cutaway

This next one is an exploratory exercise of Piranesi's work. We were basically given a small section of one of Piranesi's series of 'Prisons' etchings and told to expand on it. It was a fun project, it was just me, my pens and 2 hours in front of a TV. Therapeutic really.

PIranesi Prisons Exercise

Put up more stuff in a couple days. There are a few decent sketches over the last month.


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