Tuesday, May 31, 2011

German Shepherd Update

The whole world probably knows by now what went down in the wee hours of Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 7th 2011. If you don't.....then you might've been living in a cave (haha, get yourself upgraded coz even OBL lived in a decent house).

By now almost every nitty gritty detail that weren't classified has been let out on the wires. Even the classified ones were somewhat dissected and deciphered to some decent extent by real experts and armchair experts. There was even a dog in the raid!! The pooch was wearing one of these!

Naturally we have to update our old German Shepherd K9 unit illustration.

New Firearms Illustration

Something new for Euro-Optic Ltd.


Full Body

And a new one still to be completed.

May Update. Its Been A Loooong 2 Months.

Busy 2 months. Nothing I can make public. But I'll leave with this sneak peek.

Not much more info >>here<<


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