Wednesday, October 24, 2012

24 Hr Comics Day 2012

This is the 2nd year I've entered and completed my 24 page comic for this challenge. Though not a military themed comic like last year, it was still a lot of fun and I hope readers here wouldn't mind it. Completed within 21 hrs of the 24hrs time limit.

For more of the rules, check out the main 24hr comics page Here.

And now, The Wolf and The Dog.

These are the thumbnails I worked from. Lesson from last year's attempt: wrap up any planning early so at 4-5am when you're on automatic, you don't have to bother about major changes.

24Hr Comics Day 2011

This was last year's attempt and my first shot at the 24hr Comics Day Challenge. Didn't really want to put it up here last year, but heck why not. As per 24hr challenge, this was planned and completed within the 24 hours time limit.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Barrett M107 with USMC Operator

I've taken on this immediately after the Mk48 piece. It was done fairly quickly and I was sort of happy with it. I was recently told my research material were that of an M107 instead of an M82A1. Very glad to have been corrected.

Details first :D

The weapon itself

Here are the progressive step by step from start to finish. Start off with a rough sketch. This piece was completely done digitally from scratch.

The pose gets refined.

Once the pose is set, time to clean up the lines. It looks nicer now.

Before starting tonal values, I double check the proportions. It looks good, the dude feels like 6'2" or so. Pretty close to what I want.

Adding tonal values.

Once the tonal values are added, I start putting in the textures and color overlays. Then I adjust the colors from there. I suffer from a common type of color-blindness known as Deuteranomaly, so the digital platform is a little more forgiving in terms of adding colors.

And here we have the final. This piece took maybe 30 hours or less. Of course I wasn't doing it 8 hours a day, I have other paying jobs to take care of. But it is probably the fastest piece I've done so far.

I hope everyone likes this. I'm already working on a next piece. A friend has agreed to lend me his face for it. Lets hope it doesn't turn out crap.


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