Monday, June 8, 2009

Work In Progress - Polish Winged Hussar, in color

This is a work in progress. I was looking through my older sketches and I've been wanting to put some colors into my Polish Winged Hussar sketches as found in my earlier post. Its still kinda rough right now, I'm not really looking to finish this up really soon coz of the other work that are bringing in money and the fact I'm easily distracted by so many things.

I've had some difficulty doing research off google images - I don't know if its flattering or embarrassing, but I get results of my own sketches more than the actual images from museum pieces out there. Although I try to be as accurate as possible, there will always be some artistic freedom license (appreciated or not) involved when creating an image from scratch. Hence its sometimes quite frustrating to not find what I need to enable me to create more accurate renditions of this unit.

Further digging did yield several wonderful websites out there with fairly good detailed photographs of Winged Hussar gear and equipment and those sites are worth looking at. Here are a couple of them:
- <- I believe this one is in Polish -

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