Monday, August 31, 2009

Work In Progress - M4 Tactical Carbine (sneak preview)

Can't figure out what's not working, but its not Blogger's problem - its my firefox browser.
Yeah, lots of things going on, I probably should've updated the blog more often.

This is still a WIP. I've placed it on a 30/10 axonometric grid to avoid distortions in perspective, but some bits are slightly tuned because it looks better on the eye. Tested out the EO-Tech styled holosight in colors to see what needs to be tweaked in the linework.

The linework itself took about 85 hours on Adobe Illustrator, and its still ongoing because there are some tweaks here and there with the lineweights and several smaller components like the full auto sear and small springs and catches are not fully included yet. This piece of work is set up for exploded style drawing or a phantomed view drawing which I am attempting - a lot of work up front, but I can get 2 versions of artwork from the same linework. Will be needing another 40 hours or so more for this. The mess you see here is really not that messy at all, its just the way I work - clutter.

More posts coming up this week. Keep watching this space.


Anonymous said...

Woah. Nice work. Do you only do real military weapon illustrations?

Jerry Teo said...


The content ofthe artwork usually depends on what's being asked to be done.


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