Saturday, May 29, 2010

AKS-74U SOPMOD Progress and other ramblings..

May is almost at its end and its nearly half of 2010 gone. There's this voice at the back of my head telling me "Dude, maybe you're not working hard enough."

Anyhow, the last couple days I put in several hours into the AKS-74U SOPMOD piece. This is part of a package of firearms art similar in presentation style to the title bar (and my business ID). Its not complete yet, there are a few more things to add like a rifle sling and a background, but generally its done.

I've actually got a couple more pieces done in this presentation style for a client. I'll have to talk to him about letting me put them up here. Typically I don't publish artwork(s) before a client uses them for their business.

Also working on a new well as several others. Hope to finish the bunch of stuff by 2010 if time permits. Sure as hell don't want to drag it on till 2011.

Changing to another topic.

Quite recently an old friend and paintball buddy of mine messaged me to inquire about my Deviant Art post. Well I don't have a DA account then, so how the heck did my artwork get posted up? After some digging, we both found out that this dude posted my artwork claiming it as his own - its not even copyright infringement, its outright plagiarism. In fact 3 of the work-in-progress pieces of this AKS-74U SOPMOD piece was stolen and posted on his Deviant Art gallery along with 4 more of my sketches, all from this blog. Those pieces either had no watermark or had the watermark tampered with.

I had my friend message him regarding my artwork and he took down the 3 AK pieces, but kept the rest of the sketches up. After a few more failed attempts to communicate with him, I gave up and went to Deviant Art moderators to lodge a complaint. They suspended his account in less than a week of my complaint. Some friends joked that I've finally 'arrived' because someone feels my work is good enough to steal. Honestly I don't find it funny, but I accept that as the silver lining in this cloud.

So the lesson learned here kids - don't steal works from others. The kudos you gained parading the false trophy cannot outweigh the embarrassment of being found out. And its getting easier to be found out these days. Hard work and commitment always pays off.

Last but not least, super duper thanks to Marc for giving me the heads up on this situation. (When you come back I'll buy you coffee...the expensive ones).

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