Monday, January 31, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

In a few more days, we'll enter a new Lunar Year and the Chinese will celebrate the year of the Rabbit in their Zodiac. Now, the animal zodiacs as followed by the Chinese were used more for their values than their iconic imagery. That's why there's also a Rat in there (being first among the 12 signs). Rabbits are supposed to be lively, fun loving, popular, good company and so on. I should know - my dad's a rabbit and he's got all of those virtues. But of course he can be a bit thick at times :D

So here's to a prosperous and fulfilling Year of the Rabbit. May good fortune be with you. Here's a little something inspired by Cat Shit One:

For those of you with a little more explosive tendencies....

Also some progress on the European-esque town where the battle will take place:

And a couple of the combatants on one side:

This is an ongoing thing. I'm not even sure I will even start this project. But hopefully I get some spare time to do things here and there.

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