Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Few Drawings - Super Busy August

I need to keep this blog up to date. There are many things happening all at once and I'm not even sure I can keep up with things. First of all the Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention will happen this weekend August 31st 2013. Its a great platform for my non-Military art. At the same time I'm talking to several clients for jobs that will keep me occupied for the next 8 months or more. Exciting times.

I do keep up with the sketches but I'm losing track of things and all the small snippets of details kept getting forgotten. So before I forget, I'm putting up sketches from the past 2 days.

First up, just playing around with Photoshop trying to figure out things.

Next up, a more familiar late-night pen drawing.

That's all for now. Update more once I scan the rest of the sketches.

1 comment:

WarRaptor said...

Your sketches and art are off the charts. Amazing work.


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