Sunday, January 31, 2010


Put some ink on paper yesterday - ink always feel better than pencils. Used a single 0.05 point Staedler Pigment Liner (the grey ones) for all of them. It may sound like I'm putting myself through pain with such a small point, but its the only point size I can use to put down light lines and not have to worry about them showing up too much as I pile on the ink. Plus the sketchbook is just A5 in size so its no biggie.

** updated

Couple concept sketches on a SMG design. Kind of a mash up between a pistol, MP7, Uzi and so on. Firearms pretty much work on the same principles anyway.

**Edit: Added another sketch just today.

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singaporedream said...

hi teo, thank you for your comment in my blog. i really hope singaporeans could catch up and we, our place, our land and our home shall be ours.


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