Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kalkitos Action Transfers Historical Series. Stalingrad.

Its been a while since this post.

Now its finally ready for launch. Starting tomorrow 2nd Feb 2012, on the 69th anniversary of the official end to the Battle of Stalingrad, Kalkitos SG will release this....

(Image copyright of Kalkitos SG 2012.)

I'm actually pretty stoked to finally see it released. If there are any regrets with regards the composition of this piece, it would be explosions....there should be more explosions.

More details can be found >HERE<

It can be argued that the Nazi Army might've overran the city had it not been for the harsh Russian winters. Its not exactly that simple. The Nazi Tank Divisions had resupply issues all through the Eastern Front Campaign. Their Blitzkrieg strategy worked in the early war but once the Soviets regrouped they were able to poke holes at the Nazi resupply, which was the heart and weakest link of the Blitzkrieg doctrine. Attributing the difficulty of the Nazi campaign mainly to the harsh Russian winter is also a slight on the Russian soldier. Without their tenacity (minus the retarded orders from Stalin himself) the war would've gone very badly for the Soviets.

I hope kids and history buffs alike enjoy this series.

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