Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Soviet Russia....

Concept "Black Eagle" Tank. (Chyornyy Oryol) This was a cancelled project. The tank was based off the body of a lengthened T-80 chassis. It got cancelled due to the fact the T-80 performed poorly in the First Chechen war. The reliability issues of the T-80 design was apparent and it presumably got translated into the Black Eagle prototype. However its easy to blame the design of the tank when the tank platoons were sent into the capital Grozny with little training, no infantry support and lack of tactical knowledge of the area. For better or worse, this model is now consigned to model kits and the history books. Shoot over to wikipedia and read about it and the T-80.
Black eagle tank

Indian T-72 Ajeya variant with ERA armour. Ok its not Russian, but its of Russian make.
T-72 Ajeya

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Bud said...

Hey Teo!
What type of pen and brand are you using for your sketches?


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