Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Updates....WIP

Its an eventful few days - couple weeks back just as I started work for this client, my computer died suddenly. After some figuring out I thought it was a motherboard issue. To keep the story short, the old motherboard 'exploded' right in my face. I saw a chip glow bright orange and fizzled into white smoke. Changed the mobo and I'm now back in business.

Been working away on the series of illustrations for the current client. I won't post those just yet, I want them to use it first.

But here are some progress work from personal pieces, the M4 carbine and a new piece that I don't believe I've put up here before.

Back to work - man the air smells stale today....


JuanCarlos said...

Great to see you illustrating what you know and love!!


Jerry Teo said...

Yeah not a big F1 fan - so extra incentive to avoid town. :D


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