Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More M4 Carbine progress

Pretty much slacked off all of last week - with the exception of my part time teaching and some progress work on several personal pieces - including this one. Here we go:

Timney drop-in trigger. Timney doesn't make a full auto trigger. What they have is highly accurate drop-in match grade triggers for the M4/M16/AR15, but I gave it some liberal creative license - with full technical knowledge just so you guys know its not BS - and made it a full auto trigger. The...errr...selector plate is still not done.

The hammer spring is also....in the wrong resting position haha.

Below here is one of the few files I've worked on. Basically I did the linework for each component and then paint them separately. Made some discoveries while rendering these. I'll be working with photoshop paths more from now on.....lesson learned.

Here we have a 'test'. I'm still tweaking the balance of the masking - since there are many lines, its hard to figure out what to sacrifice yet what detail to retain while masking the surface layer to reveal the internal components. More tedious than difficult.

Thats all for this update. I'll have another WIP up in a couple days.

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